My first #fatshion post

Today I posted my first EVER elevator selfie and my first #ootd on Instagram.

I devour fatshion blogs and these posts are the staple (not necessarily in elevators though, just the outfit pics) with women in all shapes, sizes and colours rocking wonderfully colourful, “rule” defying outfits.

Want a fashion body? Have a body and put fashion on it.

I love them so much for sending a middle-finger to world. And after five-odd years of reading I finally managed to do it myself.

I just wish fatshion bloggers had been around when I was a teenager and in my twenties. Christ. I’m sure I would have loved myself a whole lot more.
But here I am a fat, mid-forties, mother and business owner, posting selfies and fatshion posts. And it’s not weird. God I love the Internet.

Will this be my first and only #ootd? Maybe. If so, I did it and who gives a fuck what it looks like. If not, woot! Here’s to many more.

Outfit details:

“Drapey” Jacket from CityChic
Basic Tee: Autograph Essentials
Ponte Panel Skirt: Autograph
Black Sandals from Williams (2015)
Wood disc necklace: Autograph

The story of the jacket: I’d done a wardrobe audit over Christmas with my sister who knows about these things. The objective – easy business attire for a range of occasions. We decided that I nail the black pencil skirt (totally) and shortish jacket (remind me to post about my Julia Gillard jacket). Anyway, last Friday, BlondeInk posted about the CityChic blazer.

So the very next morning, Sister & I were headed to Chermide and I picked up two! I’m so happy. The jacket fits perfectly to my shape, coming in at the waist. And the sleeves are sheer and they’re so light that you can even wear them in Brisbane!! BONUS.

For the next few months don’t be surprised to see me rocking all black with a splash of colour.

#ootd = outfit of the day

(Posting on the Blogger phone app. Will add hyperlinks when I can)

Image: Fair skin, fat, mid-forties woman, brown hair, black glasses, in an elevator, taking a selfie. Wearing all black (figure hugging top and pencil skirt) with a “red claret” blazer. Large cream coloured wooden disk necklace.

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