Pour myself a cup of ambition

After leaving my local business club event this morning, on the drive home, Dolly Parton’s 9-5 came on the radio. Thanks 4KQ!


I pumped up the radio and Dolly sang out “tumble out of bed / stumble to the kitchen / pour myself a cup of ambition”. Thank goodness I was driving along at a decent speed, what I must have sounded and looked like?!?

I’ve been working recently on affirmations, and this line just resonated with me. I can’t quite remember the movie (three working class gals get just revenge on their super-sexist boss?) and I’ve always been more of a Working Girl tragic “they’re not even leather”, butĀ for me “pour myself a cup of ambition” says you write your story / you generate you / you can be what you want.
I’m not sure I’m naturally ambitious enough to be super successful. I think ambition is something I have to work hard to generate. If you ask me for help, I’ll give it easily. Do I knock on doors and look for opportunities? Not so much.
I’ve often said I was raised to be a cleaner (like my mum), and there’s nothing wrong with that. But being happy to settle for what I’ve got can make it difficult to make ends meet.
This combined with a propensity to over deliver (and under charge) in project management, makes it all a very expensive exercise.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining at all. I’m feeling quite optimistic. In fact I’m pouring cups of ambition all over the place this year. I’m taking risks, and learning to form new habits.
We do good work. I’m sure of that. I just need to make sure I’m focused and strong enough to make sure that I don’t lower my expectations. Actually, maybe ambition isn’t the only thing I need to work on? Perhaps it’s also knowing your worth.
Hmmm. Something to think about there.
In the meantime, I’m going to keep on listening to the awesome 80s business fight songs (Eye of the Tiger anyone?)
Do you have a theme song? What gets your pumped?

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