Giving the machine part of me

So after that mini-flurry of blog posts last week – honestly I think I was procrasti-blogging – anyone would think I was turning this space into a fatshion space. Nah. I don’t have the capacity or will power to take pics of the clothes I’m wearing every day. I was so happy to have written those posts though. I feel like I’ve moved a mini-mountain for myself. Of course they’re nothing compared to others, but for me it was a big deal. 

I spent my day neck deep in teaching and project management. That’s my life these days. With the client list gradually growing, my ability to keep on track of projects is vital. I’m not sure I’ve nailed it yet though.
Today I remembered two tasks I was to complete for a client. The worst thing? I remembered them. What should have happened was that they should have been in our management tool with an alarm beside it.
I’m very lucky there. But it reminded me that I can’t let my brain to all that memory work. Those tasks need to be documented. I need to give the machine part of me – it can have those memories. But to do that I need to be consistent and disciplined. Something that definitely doesn’t come naturally.
Tomorrow is a full day of meetings. I’m looking forward to getting out of the office, albeit for one day.
Onward and upward.