Staying focused in the un-routine

Am up earlier than normal this morning, now with two little people in the kitchen watching cartoons on my iPad. Cartoons have changed a lot since my four were that age. I guess every generation has their favourites.

The week and month ahead are looking just as busy as last month was. It’s busy just with work, but now I have essay marking on top of that so I’ve added another layer of work to my normal day. I knew this was coming so while it’s no surprise, I’m daunted by it.

¬†Today will be a day of refocus – creating a master list of writing and thinking work – giving my brain and day time to mark, as well as to prepare a few marketing and communication strategies. This morning it feels like I’m standing at the start of the race, getting ready to run a long marathon.
As I posted yesterday, I deleted the Facebook app off my phone. Facebook, and it’s mind-numbing Tasty, cat, and puppy videos as well as insightful articles my good friends post, are an excellent distraction throughout the day. Especially when you work alone, sometimes social media channels feels like you’re talking to your colleague in the next cubicle in between tasks. To others I probably look like I’m Facebook a lot – what on earth does she do all day? – when really I just pop my head in for a minute at a time. However, Facebook on my phone can tend to eat more hours than I’d like. Hence the deletion.
My other goal this week is to add some physical activity to the day (I was about to add to “my daily routine”, but I don’t feel like I have a routine. Maybe it’s an un-routine?). I have no exercise routine at all. And at the age of 47 that’s completely unacceptable.
Anyway, here’s to a big week – a trip to Sydney, 120 assignments to mark, sundry client work in between, family appointments, and on-the-business commitments. I am working hard this week centring my brain to limit the debilitating sense of overwhelm I often get. Small steps Leesa. One job at a time.¬†
And thanks to these two little blokes for getting me up earlier to see the rising sun.

One thought on “Staying focused in the un-routine”

  1. Okay, eyes on me and listen. Those essays. I am guessing tertiary level. *Blesses self* Do one batch per day…. 15 or so?
    Keep it in check.
    I am trying to walk frequently. Look, let's face it – it's free and we are lucky we can walk…..Get a route sorted and traipse around it three times a week (set that target). I am a stickler for doing the same circuit every time. I don't are what sort of nonsense I look like… A scarf over my face if I am worried about the sun….with the daggiest walking wear imaginable.
    I made a huge Reconciliation Week banner with the workers today and one Friday we start five days of cutting hands AnTAR style for a covering the side of a building. I hope all chalkfaces do something. Xx

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