Two nights in Sydney

I’ve been to Kings Cross once or twice. I was kinda disappointed because I grew up thinking it was a ‘square’ ala King George Square in Brisbane. After spending two nights here, I’m still not sure where the cross actually is. Apparently it’s a street (I think?) or maybe it’s a suburb?

When I come to Sydney – always for work (this time for Viscopy) – I’m mostly found in the Dulwich Hill / Marrickville area, which I LOVE. But I have to say I don’t mind Kings Cross / Woolloomooloo. I certainly couldn’t afford to live here, but ooh I like it.

We arrived Monday for Vernon to speak at the NAVA Let’s Talk Futures Town Hall gathering (I tagged along as I had a Viscopy meeting today). The gathering was to discuss the systemic raiding of arts infrastructure in Australia, as well as actions we can take for the election on Saturday.

I was inspired enough from that evening to volunteer for the Arts Party on Saturday. I’ll let you know how I go.


We’re staying at Regent’s Court here on Springfield Avenue at Potts Point. It’s a lovely little hotel. It’s got some wonderful qualities though it’s a little oddly run, leading me to consider leaving a Trip Advisor review. You certainly can’t beat the Garden Rooftop and the view. I’d definitely stay here again.
I love visiting Sydney, and am determined to gradually expand my experiences a little with each visit.
What’s your favourite Sydney spot?

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