So this weekend was interesting.

We spent most of Saturday (time out for me in the afternoon taking Ms15 to her life-drawing class – reinforced how much I can’t draw), Saturday night and all day Sunday, re-arranging the office space. Today (Monday) sees the office still in a shambles, but it gradually taking on a new configuration.

Our house was built in the 1950s and is virtually unchanged since then (but no, it’s not a retro-hipsters dream by any stretch. It’s more your run-down-can-just-afford-to-pay-the-mortgage-chic). It’s three bedrooms upstairs, and was always designed to be a single story, but the ‘old guy’ who used to own the house dug out underneath and created an unofficial ground floor (the neighbours say it took him months which doesn’t surprised me). Our ground floor is wrapped in lovely a lovely grey/white fibro paneling and the floor is partially sealed concrete of various levels and heights. It’s not flash, but it’s our home/office.

Over the past twenty years of our occupancy, we’ve had probably ten or so different home/office configurations. When the kids were little, they took up more space – legos EVERYWHERE! – but as they’ve gotten older, they’re much less the space hogs than in their youth. It’s interesting to think about how our lifestyle has changed over the years.

In this re-fit, we’ve removed all our ‘personal’ stuff from one part of the space to make way for a rows and rows of old computers and a serious workbench. With our business gently easing into the hardware game, Mr21 needed more space to do serious projects.

We’ve also made three more specific work-stations. One for Mr19 who is currently engaged in writing a blockbuster. The serious writer must have his own space.

The weekend ended with us feeling tired but productive after a complete re-fit, including new desks, 1 trip to the dump and 1 trip to the LifeLife bin.

Am looking forward to filling out this space and making it a hive of productivity.

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