Snap with me

Last year I joined Snapchat. When I started I thought it was completely nuts as a platform as it’s counter-intuitive to everything else around – nothing stored, lots of swiping left and right and up and down. From a business perspective, there are some who play on Snapchat but I suspect the folks who get the most success are already well-known and Snapchat is an addition to their digital presence rather than making your name on Snapchat.

However with the growth in numbers of users it’s probably a platform you should consider using. There have been updates in the messaging features and so I’ve found myself increasingly using it as a messaging platform, in some cases replacing SMS. The geofilters feature is a real opportunity for events. Sadly my only submission for a geofilter was rejected. I shall try again though next time.
I won’t do a how-to as Mel Kettle wrote a how-to Snapchat guide for folks that is easy to read. I recommend you head there for a few tips.
Overall, Snapchat is fun and silly – perfect for a Friday night during a bottle of wine, but it’s also growing in its reach so perhaps perfect for the digital marketers of the now/future.


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