Blogging and Mangoes

I was going to blog but I ate a mango instead. Then I blogged about that.

I miss blogging, not that I was ever a huge blogger anyway. And I feel guilty for posting on Facebook when I should post here. I hate Facebook sometimes – they make it so difficult to be creative – the ‘real estate’ is so limited. Search on Facebook is terrible, and finding your own posts from a few years ago is almost impossible.
But still I go back. For the instant hit. Despite the algorithm. Despite it constantly changing. I go back. And then I feel guilty for it.
I think I’m making excuses. Google took the Blogger mobile app away. Why would they do that? It makes no sense apart from them deciding Blogger isn’t worth it.
October was a crazy month and now November is almost over. So much has happened. Not all of it I can share here. But it has made me think hard about the next 40. We only get one go. I’m going to try to stay focused.
I’ve finally got my own office. If you follow me on Insta or Facebook you’ll already know that. I can’t stop talking about. I arrived at 9am and left at 11pm. I enjoy my work. I love it really. I’m not as effective as I’d like to be or (now that I have an office I have to pay for) need to be. But I’m gradually getting better.
I’ve decided to spend a little more time developing some social media clients. I’ve always resisted it – for years I’ve told people I’d be happy to show them how to do social media marketing, rather than do it for them. It’s not going to be easy delivering a social media service to clients, nor is it going to be cheap. I imagine it will be a combination of creating structures and then showing clients how to do it for themselves.
I’m looking forward to the new challenge. Am busy practicing (sadly not on my own brand spaces just yet) and am calculating how long different activities take. I need to spend a little less time looking at the Insights though – well, I need to look at them but probably not as obsessively as I am right now.
I’m going to Sydney on Friday. It’s a work trip (of course), but hopefully I’m going to fit in a trip to the Blue Mountains. I’ve never been there but I’ve seen them on tv and in the movies forever. Anyone remember that scene when Sigrid Thornton falls down the mountain in Man from Snowy River. I think that might be the Blue Mountains. I’ve always imagined it is. I can’t wait.
I bought a FitBit last weekend. I can’t afford it, but I figured I have to exercise so maybe I can’t afford not to get it. Anyway, I was so busy in front of my computer that I took the damn thing off because it kept beeping me to “Time to Move”. Yeah okay. So maybe that wasn’t the solution I was hoping for.
Till next time.


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