The Blue Mountains

With one day off this weekend, LB and I headed to the Blue Mountains. I’ve never been to the Blue Mountains before. We left Dulwich Hill around 11am, down Parramatta Road and straight onto the M4. We took the Katoomba turn-off and just followed the signs to ‘The Blue Mountains’. We ended up at Echo Point and it was incredible. Everything I imagined it to be. We had lunch at the closest cafe – a little pub with a lovely sunny verandah outside.

It was just after 2.30pm by the time we finished lunch and had one more look from the look-out. I know it’s not captured in any images, but to me the colour of the range had changed since we saw it just a few hours earlier.

Deciding it was too early to head back to Sydney, we headed off in the direction of Leura and then followed signs for more ‘lookouts’. We found our way to Gordon Falls Look-out. I looked in the Blue Mountains Best Bushwalks Guide and read that it was a good view.

Once we got to the parking area, we couldn’t find any signs for ‘Lookout’, so we headed off in the direction of the one sign we could see.

Unfortunately, what this sign doesn’t tell you is that it’s 900 metres D.O.W.N. We kept doing ‘we’ve come this far we may as well keep going’. Not a great attitude when you’re really not familiar with the place. It was mostly steps. And steps that were clearly made for bloody giants.
Down we go …
Down, down, down …
As we got closer to the bottom, we crossed a few natural springs.

We got to the almost bottom and there was a cute little rock pool.


This would be a perfect spot to spend a few hours on a hot day.
Unfortunately there’s been very little rain so it’s wasn’t super spectacular. But it would definitely be a great place to spend a few hours on a hot day.


Then we had to go all the way back up again …. *tears*

On the way back I didn’t quite nearly die, but bloody hell. With no handrails, my legs did all the work. While the walks was classified as medium, I guess it’s all relative. For someone of my current fitness, it should have been labelled hard. As we were on our way back up I was reminded of all those mornings after the nights before when I thought ‘one more drink won’t hurt’. One more staircase won’t hurt. Bloody oath it did.


The stupid faces when you make when you’re red-faced from walking 900 metres back up a gorge.

When we finally got back to the top, we eventually found the proper Gordon Falls look out and it was definitely worth the view.

Part of the view from Gordon Falls Lookout.

I really do enjoy walking tracks and I do so love a good ‘lookout, so I think I’m going to create a blog category for them. Maybe this will be my first post in a ┬álong list of bushwalking and lookout posts. Let’s see hey.

Do I recommend a trip to the Blue Mountains? Absolutely! I can’t wait to go back again and hopefully take a few more walks around the place. What an incredible country.

Image: Two forty-something women taking a selfie in front of the Three Sisters mountains.

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