Overwhelm on Day 6?

Ever feel like you’re in the middle of the ocean and you’re rocking from side to side and no matter how hard you wish for it to stop moving, it never does? Like when you’re in the surf and a wave has knocked you over and you’re trying to get back up again, but another wave comes before you have your balance, and another comes and another? And you never feel stable cause you’re always off balance?

I have a busy week coming up and I’m getting that feeling of overwhelm again – personally and professionally. There’s so many competing things I’m trying to manage – different people, projects and priorities. But this afternoon that dreaded feeling in my belly has come back, and my head is struggling to concentrate.

I had looked forward to this week and last. It’s like they were free weeks – no meetings and no emails beyond the automated stuff. I got some stuff done but I also, now kind of regretfully, did a little bit of nothing. How dare I think it’s okay to have a break over Christmas and New Year! Now these two weeks are almost over. Most people will be back at work by next week and my to-do wish list has barely been touched.

As I posted yesterday, I’ve been getting my “exercise” on in recent weeks and I’m now nervous that I might let that energy go again. I don’t want to let it go. As the years go by, when I fall off the wagon, it feels harder and harder to get back on. If I want to have the future I imagine (healthy and mobile), I don’t think I can afford to fall off again.

I’ll guess I’ll do what I always do and just put my head down and take one step in front of the next.


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