Getting into business? What do you have at your finger tips?

Today for lunch we had Coconut Curry Chicken and Vermicilli Chicken. It was delivered in take-away containers to the office at lunch time for a very reasonable price.

Part of a fundraising activities to get a basketball team to a carnival in the Torres Strait, the initiative saw them delivering to hundreds of Brisbane addresses is the past couple of weeks.

I was thinking about the initiative while eating lunch. It reminded me that sometimes the first step to business (or income generating hobby) is about drawing on what you know, have and/or can do. This amazing family had Human Resources to draw on, knowledge of our community’s favourite food, and an ability to get the network mobilised.

If you’re thinking about starting off in business – you’re keen for the independence – or looking to make some additional dollars as a hobbiest – think about what skills you have that others might want and be willing pay for. Lawn mowing, second-hand selling, cleaning rubbish bins, etc, are great ways to generate a side income.

There’s a huge leap from hobbiest to ful-time business. You have to think about insurance, wages, sick pay, repairs and maintenance, as well as marketing. But if you’re thinking about it and aren’t sure where to start, do an audit of your own skills and see what you come up with.

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