Building our local Indigenous business capability

I’m not an event manager. I’m happy to conceive of them, but organising them – the nitty gritty – is just not my forte.

Despite this, I somehow managed to get one off the ground – the first South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce event for 2017. It was an excellent night with 19 people present – some new faces as well as a few of the usual suspects.

Justin Bayliss from Five Star Experiences gave a one-hour presentation about the Customer Experience. I’d seen his presentation at the Everton Park Business Club, and I connected with him and his expertise immediately. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the way we approach business and how we create processes and products that are right for them, and by consequence – right for our business.

I liked the way we structured the event – plenty of room for informal networking, but a good solid hour of learning time. Building capability is so important. I’ve sent our feedback form and I’m looking forward to hearing other peoples’ experience of the event too.

Also … event management is bloody hard work. 



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