It’s my birthday and I’ll start counting down if I want to

This month I turned 48. Holy crap!

That means I’ll be 50 in 24 months. Holy holy crap!

In lieu of freaking out (well there’s a little freaking), I’m going to start a #Countdownto50 list of goals. And I’m going to stick them on my bedroom wall and tick them off as they’re done.

Here is the list:

In 24 months,

  • I will take 24 Interesting Walks (and write posts about them)
  • I will read 24 Interesting Books
  • Take 24 movies off the Movies You Must See Before You Die list from 2012.
  • Complete 1 fun run (even if I walk it). I want a fun run shirt.
  • Write more at least 48 blog posts (this is a very low goal of 2 per month)
  • Create a family history website (public or closed) for the kids
  • Write down my 4 birth stories and put in 1 spot – maybe here? (they’re written in different books somewhere in the house)
  • Gather all our family photos into 1 spot and begin the process of digitising.
  • Keep building the business – have identifiable % growth every year from now.
  • Have all our legacy documents (eg. Wills, Powers of Attorney, etc) in 1 spot.
  • Declutter my possessions

And the big – shoot for the stars but hit the moon – goal is to be ‘bad’ debt free.

I think these are very sensible goals. Very adulty. Funny, there’s no ‘travel to Paris’ on the list. That kind of thing doesn’t interest me much. I’m happy with my goals. They’ll be a struggle for me to achieve,┬ábut here goes nothing (and everything).

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