Grateful post: Thank you to my body

So last night I posted on Facebook that I had just completed a local 5km loop walk – it’s got hills so it isn’t an easy one for me to tackle (I’m allergic to hills. They’re racist). Anyway, a Facebook friend was amused that I insinuated that it was “only” 5k, given that her goal was just to finish 5k. 

After her comment I realise that I needed to be more grateful to my body for the work that it does and for how far it’s got me. I’m 48 years old, and I’ve not always treated my body the best. AND, I’m only 10 weeks off the couch? My 1km run is still 12-odd minutes (apparently 4 -5 minute is the adult average). I feel great when I can finish 5km in just under an hour, but then feel crap that it’s not more like 30 min because that what it’s “supposed” to be.

No comparing myself to others is important here.

Yes Leesa you’re not as fast as other people, but you’re also incredibly lucky that despite everything, your body carries you without too much drama.

So many people I know are not able to do that. Through no fault of their own. I’m so privileged to have the health I do. I am deadly. I am also grateful that I have an incredible body – an amazing machine that lets me do so much.


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