Bunnings – best for boxes

We braved the Bunnings Saturday madness today – and at the check out I spied this – the empty box section! Talk about memories.

Whenever we went to Bunnings the kids were devastated when the box section was empty. And some days they would humbug us to go to Bunnings just for boxes. “Interesting” boxes were particularly coveted.

If you’re going to get the kids into boxes, it’s best if you can also get them using Stanley knives early. Our four were confidently using knives by the time they were each two years old. Scissors weren’t a big part of their early years, they went straight to knives. Their dad used knives for cutting paper so they just copied their Dad.

The other thing you need, in addition to knives is masking tape. You know your kids are immersed in making when they ask you for masking tape for Christmas and birthdays!

Boxes, like blocks, Lego and Meccano are some of the best toys you can invest in for little people – for their minds, especially problem solving, imaginations as well s their fine motor skills.

Not a sponsored post lol.