What a scorcher! Weekend 2 / 52

Yesterday morning I tweeted my plans for the weekend … 

In the end! (OMG) I managed to get nearly everything done (of course I forgot the enviro bags and the car is still a MESS!), but it was the strangest Saturday. Instead of just relaxing, I spent most of the weekend trying to get motivated to do all my jobs. Do you think I could move? Nup. I ended up spending the day lolling around on my bed, hooked to my phone. It was partly the heat, partly just tired, but, and I know it’s been said a thousand times, but the rabbit hole of the internet is so addictive. I ended up getting Son1 to come and take my phone from me at about 12.30am this morning after I found myself watching Kennedy Centre tribute concerts on YouTube. If he hadn’t taken my phone away from me I have no idea where I would have wound up.

So I woke up this morning at around 9am, determined to at least get some of the jobs done, and in the end the only things I missed were the walk (I did mow the lawn though!) and cleaning the car. So it was a successful and productive weekend after all.

It has me thinking that I might stop trying to schedule things on Saturday and rather where possible, make it my lazy day. Maybe my bed is the spot where I just need to recharge. Then Sunday, if I have work to do, I can do it then.

The 2017 Christmas Tree in all its glory – a hodge-podge of collected items, topped off by MasterChief.

I also think I might think about how I can put more effort into maybe some conscious uncoupling from my phone.

You’d think I’d have this stuff sorted by now.

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