My first sports skirt

Don’t you just love the hot pink? Do you think it will make me go faster?

I’ve been following Sports Skirts on Insta for a few months. I think the Mirnivator led me there. I’m drawn to them for a couple of reasons:

  • the heat! It’s been bloody hot in Brisbane this summer and I have about 4 pairs of mid-calf length black pants, but as I’m running in the heat I just want to keep pulling them up. It’s just too hot. So I’ve been looking for shorts which led me to a pair of Skins
  • The skins which I love (though on some days the Men’s 2XL is a little too tight around my belly) but I’m not confident of wearing them without something covering the bits & pieces (modesty can be *le sigh*, but for better or worse, it’s there). I picked up a few pairs of shorter shorts which I’m making myself confident about wearing, but they don’t really give me the freedom to move as I want. They constrict my legs a bit, and when you’re smashed after a 20 or 30 minute run it’s the last thing you want.

So the Sports Skirt has given me a cooler running outfit PLUS a enough coverage to be confident.

I went on the 4.4k loop tonight. I used the uphill (to Queens Road) as my warm up (OMG! How I hate hills), and then I ran for about 2.3ks along the ridge and down Camellia Ave. I couldn’t quite keep running up to the Pullen Road roundabout, though I did try. The run was good and the SportsSkirt nailed it for me.

Ordering was easy as. The SportsSkirt folks were great because when I ordered I accidentally ordered and paid for the wrong thing. The rep (who is based here in South East Queensland) sent me a bunch of stuff and what I don’t want, I’m going to send back. So easy. I’ll probably end up getting two of the coloured skirts. I have so many black pants I don’t feel like I need a black skirt.

I’m sure more pics will follow over the coming months. Well done Sports Skirts.

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