The value of getting away

Most days and nights I’m chained to my desk. Not just during the week, but weekends too. Running a growing business and running a not-for-profit (unpaid), means I’m always in work mode and I’m always just catching up.

Emma and I decided in early June that it was time to ‘retreat’. This meant committing to a date, booking an Airbnb, and making it happen. And we did. And as I head home I’m amazed how much we achieved.

During this 4 days we turned the TV on once to watch ABC24, we exercised for two afternoons, had multiple meetings, and got heaps done.

The value of leaving home is high. I highly recommend it. We’ve booked in another retreat for November and have no doubt we’ll get as much out of it as this one.

If you haven’t retreated before, do it.

Oh, and for those you did the whole “” thing when we mentioned retreat, no, there was no wine, just my French Early Grey. No wine, just work. 

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