My first Sleep Pod experience.

I landed in Perth at around 12.30 Monday night. My connecting flight to Kalgoorlie was at 6.30am. By the time I got luggage, and then arrived at a hotel (or friends house) I’d lay down, I’d then be on the move back to the airport.

I had originally thought I’d just hang at the airport- in a chair or on the floor. But neither of these options were appealing- in my 20s maybe, but my 50s? Yeah no.

So before I left Brisbane, we had a quick Google and we found the Sleep Pod, booked in and paid.

Here is my experience in bullet points –

  • The booking process was pretty seamless – date, times, paid, instructions sent to email. The SMS didn’t arrive but that may be my phone.
  • I’m a Perth Airport newbie, so I didn’t you know the QANTAS terminal (T3/T4) is about a 20 minute bus ride from the Virgin terminal (T1/T2).
  • Everyone catches the free buses between terminals – they go 24 hours and also go to the Long Term Carpark.
  • Go to the Virgin terminal, when you get off the bus, the Sleep Pods are located near the front door.
  • During the night, the Sleep Pods are ‘supervised’. You turn up, give them your name and show ID. They unlock your pod, show you how to use it.
  • The Pod is basically a plastic reclining chair that can go flat. It has a hospital-like sheet (disposable). You have a little blanket as well. Each pod has a charging port for a USB and power.
  • You can store your hand luggage under the recliner (sorry no pic). I was able to fit both my backpack and Samsonite overnight bag.
  • Shoes – you can leave these at the base of the Pod on the floor, under the recliner or, as I did, on the recliner but at the end, next to my feet.
  • Once you’re in, you then close the pod over you. It’s not sound proof nor is it completely dark.
  • I travel with a blanket and travel pillow when I go one long flights. Thank lawd cause by 3am I was ffreezing. I highly recommend having a little blanket with you. I used the travel pillow as my pillow.
  • Was it noisy? Yep. The cleaning machine did at least four laps over 5 hours. Every 30 mins we were reminded about not leaving our bags unattended. The person in the next pod’s snoring was quite peaceful on comparison.
  • You didn’t need to worry too much about a morning alarm given the cafe next to the pods opened at around 4.30am and blasted their music.
  • Was it comfortable? If you’ve ever slept beside your child’s bed while they’re in hospital, it’s kinda like that.
  • Any improvements? It would be nice if there was some kind of screen so you didn’t feel like some kind of disheveled zombie emerging from the grave in the middle of the open airport terminal.
  • I’m also still not sure what you would do if you had larger luggage. There must be a place to store it but I couldn’t see a sign.
  • Accessibility? The pods might be a little difficult for folk with accessibility issues, As you’re effectively crawling into them and there is little room on the sides.

Would I do it again? Absolutely! Despite the pods being so open, it was perfect for middle of the night 5-hour layover.

Do I recommend Sleep Pods? With the above comments in mind, I’d happily recommend it.

Overall cost $65.

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