Outstanding Entrepreneurial Alumnus Award (2019)

Tonight I attended the Griffith Business School’s annual Alumni dinner and was awarded the 2019 Griffith Business School Outstanding Entrepreneurial Alumnus Award. To say I was surprised is an understatement.

I’ve been asked a few times over the past few years to nominate for business awards, but honestly, there are a few internal KPIs I haven’t reached yet. I will probably nominate someday but not yet.

But tonight’s award was a complete surprise and while I’m not sure how to talk about it, I am definitely proud of it, and honoured to have received it.

Griffith Business School poses the question to its students and staff, “what is a future business leader?” While I don’t necessarily know the question, I am intrigued by it.

The award tonight, and I acknowledge Leauarne Adams for the nomination, recognised that my contribution in growing Black Coffee, Indigenous Business Month, the South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, all the while growing and developing Iscariot Media.

I’m not a natural at talking myself up. It find it really difficult, but I’m trying to be really conscious of this award. I feel there is a change in the wind, and that really great things are going to come for Indigenous business in Queensland. I’m so proud to have played a small part in the sector.

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