By 2019, what a year!

Just like last year’s wrap up – here we go. Some of the big things included –

  • My first year in my 50s, and the last year as the mother of teenagers.
  • I set a challenge to do 52 Hikes in 52 Weeks – I didn’t make all 52, but did do 26 which is still a win.
  • Helped to run two Beginner’s Programs for Brisbane Deadly Runners (more hands-on in January than in September)
  • Appeared on ABC’s The Drum twice (OMG!) – once for Federal Election coverage, and once for an announcement around the IPP.
  • Helped to deliver two new Meeanjin Markets events, refining it as we went.
  • Indigenous Business Month and Black Coffee kinda exploded (good ways)
  • Experienced two major health scares in our immediate family – in the end it was all good, but a sign we need to keep looking after ourselves.
  • Finally travelled to Tasmania and Darwin – knocking off my list of visiting every state in Australia
  • With Edward, delivered a digital training program called Digital Tracks.
  • Was part of the delivery team for QTIC’s Digital Ready program in the Whitsundays
  • With Yolla Consulting, helped to deliver a business recovery program for businesses affected by bush fire and drought in the Scenic Rim (still working on this one)
  • I became a Facebook Community Boost Trainer – delivering in Kununurra, Perth, Kalgoorlie and at Supply Nation’s Knowledge Forum for Connect 2019.
  • Awarded Outstanding Entrepreneurial Alumnus 2019 by Griffith Business School.
  • Discovered the benefits of business retreats – taking one in June and another in December – great for getting ridiculous amounts of work done.
  • I shared the stage with my husband for the first time ever at Woodford Folk Festival talking about Dark and Disturbing.
  • Had the amazing Amanda Moffatt join the Iscariot Media team, meaning the future of the creative arm of IM being assured and ready to take on the world.
  • Michael graduated from a Diploma of Graphic Design and will be working with IM full-time. IM’s next generation!
  • We won (ie. EARNED) our biggest creative gig the day before Christmas which will see us delivering a multi-year comms project outside of Queensland.

Similar to last year’s sentiments, building a business (and I guess life in general) is always about learning. I hope 2020 is the year we can really focus on building business systems.

Big changes ahead include –

  • Relocating to North Queensland part-way through the year. I can’t wait!!!
  • My last few months of the SEQICC – I’m working my arse off between now and March is to have it in a better place than when I was left it.

At the end of the year, I’ve also interestingly found myself as the target of a couple of people’s JIG (jealousy, insecurity, greed). I don’t handle that stuff well but am learning to cope*. They appear to think I’m more powerful (and selfish) than I really am – I know they’re projecting their own (greed & insecurity) values on me – but still, it’s not easy. I have a sizeable arse, but it doesn’t have the thickness of an elephants. I can only do my best and keep working through it.

Thank you 2019, and let 2020 begin. Cheers, Leesa

*When I say I’m learning to cope, it means I now understand that when I hear the gossip, it inevitably consumes my mind, but after a few days, I return to normal. It’s just shit that other people’s opinions end up sucking my equilibrium for that time.

2 thoughts on “By 2019, what a year!”

  1. I love everything about this. Business retreats are absolutely the best, people would accomplish so much if they just knew how valuable it is! Excited to hear more about all of the promise of 2020 at your end! That’s such great news about Michael! Actually, just great news on all of it!

    Yes, jealous, insecure and greedy folks are awful and need to just go away. But they won’t, so your decisions on this make for great leadership!

    As in most years, connecting with you was a highlight. I loved the IBM month events, and even got to three of them!

    1. Thanks Sandy for your ongoing support online and offline. It’s been a good year, and despite the few naysayers in my world, am really looking forward to the next twelve months.

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