Grateful to our team

Mid-last year our team grew. Amanda who I’d known for a few years but hadn’t really worked closely with joined the Iscariot Media team.

She has taken on a lot more of the work in managing the creative arm of IM. It’s allows us to take on more creative work, and not be limited to my availability.

Amanda is wonderful. She’s feisty when she needs to be, empathetic, creative and great with people and getting the job done.

Last week we had our first IM Team Day – and with 18 people in the room it was incredible. I think I was in awe of how it all came together.

We’re still dominated by sub-contractors – it’s the nature of creative work as well as part of our priority to be agile and allow people to explore their own creative pursuits.

I’m not sure where IM would be with out Amanda right now. I’m incredibly grateful to her for joining our family.

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