Hitting the 10k mark!

Training went well. I was awake on time (6am). To make the 10k goal, I planned my route that would see me finishing at home, so I left the car at home and walked to parkrun.

I’m not sure what was wrong, but today my first 5k was really slow. It took me over an hour so it was me and the tail walkers coming in together. I know there’s no benefit in pushing to get faster at this point – I just want to get the distance down first. But I think maybe I had a hard first 5k because I’m not doing enough mid-week work.

I have this habit of forgetting that I can still make a difference with a 2 or 3 kilometre mid-week run/walk. Instead, I figure if I can’t have a whole hour, then it’s not worth it. I need to drop this thinking and get in incidental work-outs.

parkrun ready to head off

Given how tired I was I almost called it quits a few times, but eventually I talked myself into turning left on Osbourne Road and doing Camellia Avenue.

The mind is a funny thing, and thinking about how my mind goes during a long-run – I’m so predictable. Starting off deadly, then hating on myself (why would you do this to yourself!), then at the end feeling deadly. Now I’m glad I did it, I sure didn’t when I was 6km in.

My heartbreak hill

Pack update: I bought a bladder – didn’t realise I only got a 1.5l instead of 3 (very annoying!! and expensive). I also took a 500ml hydrolyte with me – that was SO good. I drank half of that before I headed up the Camellia Avenue hill, and the rest at the end of the day.

During the day, I’ve been tired but not completely buggered. So recovery is going okay.

Last night’s dinner was a massive plate of pasta. But I didn’t eat it until 9pm – my Fridays are a bit weird at the moment so I have to get that sorted out. Post-event meal was an rice/chicken/salad invention from Pod Espresso. It was lovely!!

Next buy – poles!

I’m super nervous about the cut-off time. The official cut-off is 5 hours. I have soooo much work to do! Let’s keep focused.

Until next week!

Performance 22 Feb 2020

  • Distance: 11.67km
  • Elevation Gain: 107m
  • Time: 2:40:27
  • Average Pace: 13.45/km
  • Fastest Split: 11:51km