Saturday diary entry

Another restless night with my brain going ‘twenty to the dozen’. I was awake at 6.30 because I’d forgotten to turn off my parkrun alarm. As much as I tried I just couldn’t get back to sleep. So I got up and was at my desk by 7am. Managed to smash out four solid hours of work. I shouted myself a nanna-nap and slept until 3 which was awesome. But when I went back to my desk I could barely see my screen. My eyes were just so sore.

I realised I hadn’t been outside all day, so I made myself put on a pair of thongs and walk to the end of the street. I needed to move and sun on my skin. I had a shower as soon as I got home, in time for a meeting at 5pm.

I feel like I’m on a heightened sense of urgency right now. When I’m in this head space I am REALLY prone to not looking after myself. I forget to eat or exercise, cause there’s ‘so much to do’.

Here I am again, working all weekend. *insert eyeroll emoji*

I really am too old to be doing this to myself anymore.

It really was a lovely day outside today.