A fresh blogging challenge – build a business blog.

I’m not sure who suggested it, but sometime late last year or earlier this year someone asked if we could look more at blogging for our Tuesday night sessions for One Business. OMGosh.

That one innocent request has been about, and I’m not overexaggerating here, about 30 solid hours of work for me. When they asked, I was like cool, have heaps of stuff already written, I know this topic, how hard can it be. Yeah right.

I’ve rewritten everything –

  • 3 weeks of slides,
  • 20 page workbook
  • a newsletter
  • social media tiles
  • gone from one session to three (+ an extra)
  • created a giveaway
  • scheduled three digital drop-in sessions.

I posted on LinkedIn that it’s so hard when you love something not to just go all-in. Or is that just me?

I thought I’d spend a couple of hours yesterday tidying it up, but no good – I did six hours yesterday and have done eight hours today. And last week I did at least five.

And we haven’t even started delivering! lol.

I’m still passionate about blogging (and independent media) despite not having done it in ages. I looked at Deadly Bloggers for the first time in well over 3 years today. So neglected, but it’s different times I guess?

But it is kinda cool that I’m doing a blogging challenge and this month is IndigenousX birthday and I remember when Luke started AboriginalOz Blog never mind IX. What an amazing achievement.

And of course, the other deadliest blogger is Anita Heiss, who continues to blog each week. So inspirational.

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