Building a business blog

I can’t possibly blog. I’ve got nothing to write about. What would I say? 

When I mention blogging (which I do quite frequently) these are the comments I generally get. But if you are already posting text, links, images and video on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter, then you’re already doing it! You’re blogging on micro-blogging platforms. And many of you have been doing it for a long time.

I started blogging over 15 years ago. Once I discovered it I was immediately passionate about it. At the time, it was about creating independent spaces to feature the voices of Indigenous people. I created Deadly Bloggers not long after. IndigenousX is one example of an amazing independent First Nations media. 

 In the last five years though social media has really taken over and blogging isn’t at the top of people’s minds. With the algorithms playing silly buggers many people are going old school. 

Why should you blog? The advantages of blogging off the social media platforms though are many.  These include: 

Good for SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is about making sure your website is found when a person searches for it on the web (usually Google). Uploading fresh, quality, and relevant content to your website is important to ensure that Google’s algorithm understands what your business does and who you’re targeting. 

Industry leadership

Creating posts that demonstrate your thought leadership in your industry is a way to increase your standing. This can be great for business.

Easy to upload

Most platforms are structured in a way that allows for easy uploading. On some platforms you can even email your post to your blog. You may need to get support to get started, but once you’re started, you’ll be on your way.

Build customer understanding 

When you talk about what you do, feature previous posts, answer customer questions, create ‘how-to’ posts, it helps customers understand your business processes.  

Helps ideas form

One of the key reasons to blog is that it helps you (the creator) understand what your business is about – processes, goals, vision, etc. Writing is a great way to generate new ideas and understandings. This is one of the key reasons I blog on my personal blog. My thinking and understanding are deepened when I both write and teach. I really like this quote from Seth Godin 

What matters is the metacognition of thinking about what you’re going to say; how do you explain yourself to the few employees, your cat or whatever is going to look at it; how do you force yourself to describe in 3 paragraphs why you did something; how do you respond. If you’re good at it some people are going to read it. If you’re not good at it and you stick with it you will get good at it. 

The other reason it’s important to blog on your own platforms is to make sure you’re not solely relying on social media platforms to host and distribute your content. Yes I’m posting here on LinkedIn but versions of this content will be on other spaces on ‘the open web’. Not everyone has a Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn account. 

Whether your blog is a proper strict business blog or a personal brand blog, we are running a Build a Business Blog Challenge starting next week as part of One Business.