About Me

26 February 2022

I refer to myself as she/her, wife, mum, murri, business owner, educator/trainer, volunteer, #deadlyrunner,

I blog very infrequently these days – social media hasn’t completely killed the blogger, but it does really give it a run for its money. I publish elsewhere including Iscariot Media, Deadly Bloggers, the Critical Classroom and Dark and Disturbing.

Me & social media

I love communication, with my world changing when I discovered Web 2.0 in late 2008. This saw me create the first and only directory of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander bloggers. I’ve written and presented for a number of years about Indigenous engagement in a digital context and with social media.


My volunteer work includes being the Vice-President of the Everton Park State High School P&C. Regionally, I’m on the Management Committee of the South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce. Nationally, I have been a non-Executive Director of Viscopy which eventually merged with the Copyright Agency, and on the board of the First Australians Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FACCI). I’m currently on the board of QShelter.

In 2016 I was nominated as a Queensland Digital Champion and am on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Business and Innovation Reference Group. I served a year on the Queensland Government’s Procurement Industry Advisory Group.

I am a co-founder of Indigenous Business Month and Black Coffee (nationally).


I have a Bachelor of Commerce, and much to the annoyance of my mother a half-completed Graduate Diploma in Education and Master of Education (it’s on my to-do list).


I am the Managing Director of Iscariot Media. Iscariot delivers creative, training, educational and digital projects for small business, community organisations, and governments.  In 2020 I was appointed an Associate Professor of Practice at Queensland University of Technology in the Faculty of Business and Law.


I’m a Mum. That’s a big part of my identity. I have four amazing children who are all almost adults. Watching them grow is one of the biggest thrills of my life.

I started this blog in 2010. This is a personal blog where I share everything from what I’m feeling/thinking, politics, race, parenting, business and the odd fatshion post here and there.

I’m active on most platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat. Just look for my name.

Thanks for stopping by.

My CV. 

This is my personal blog and information presented here is of a general nature and represents my own opinion.