Racism: What’s it all about?

A couple of weeks ago on the ABC’s Insiders programme, there was a discussion about racism and the results of a racism survey that had been conducted by the University of Western Sydney. There was some discussion about the results of the research within the media and amongst politicians on what these results say about Australian society.
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Aborigines are the ‘Biggest Losers’ in the human race

Politicians say some stupid stuff sometimes. It’s part of the compromise. Part of the game. If you want to be in charge of a group of 22 million odd people, then you have to ‘say the right thing’ I guess. The right thing, being what appeals to the majority.

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“indifference is the worst political act of all”

Launch of the Blak on Blak issue of Artlink earlier in the year. Sharing for Djon Mundine’s quote  – “To say something is a political act. To not say something is also a political act. Indifference is the worst political act of all.”

Djon Mundine launching BLAK on BLAK from Stephen Hooper on Vimeo