…it will give you plenty of exposure….

When you’re starting out as a content creator, you know that you might have to do some free stuff in order to build your portfolio. But a point is eventually reached where the ‘can you do it for free, it will give you great exposure’ argument is no longer tenable.

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How to Wander with Purpose

Just finished a lecture at QUT today for Jean Phillips in EDB007. I was thinking about knowledge a bit more after it was over. It occurred to me that knowledge is not something that should/does come cheap or easy. There is bucketloads of confusion and conflict (sometimes external but mostly internal) in moving your thinking forward. Continue reading “How to Wander with Purpose”

It is quite possible I’m doing too many things at once

I’m working on creating a drawing award with Husband-the-Artist; reading a sista’s assignment before she submits; finishing my bio for Edgeware Indigenous (due weeks ago) and thinking about which profile pic to submit; trying to finish the now 16 days overdue September newsletter for Blacklines
creating new pages for an ebook on Mary MacKillop and Lisa’s trip to Rome for the canonisation in October; writing a blog post for the Critical Classroom; thinking about what I can do for the SEQICC for our planning day next week; working on a date for the interim P&C meeting; starting to think of the guest lecture I’ll be doing at QUT in a couple of weeks; writing up and issuing invoices to three separate clients; responding to my ACU students; writing a character reference for another student ……………  Continue reading “It is quite possible I’m doing too many things at once”