An afternoon of Grace & Style

I grew up with a very practical Mum – loving, caring, hardworking, realistic, no frills. I don’t really remember her as someone who would wear a lot of make-up or jewellery. She was a school cleaner for most of my childhood so she spent most of the time in ‘serviceable’ (her words) clothes. Continue reading “An afternoon of Grace & Style”

What’s so wrong about ‘plus size’?

I wasn’t planning on posting anything tonight, but this link popped up in my stream earlier this evening, and I just feel the need to comment. KMart US has apparently decided to drop the term “plus size” and instead replace it with “Fabulously Sized”. Continue reading “What’s so wrong about ‘plus size’?”

Black and White Pencil Skirt by Dezigna

Last July at Musgrave Park I picked up one of the Dezigna pencil skirts. The first time I tried a maxi-skirt I thought I’d died and go to heaven – so incredibly comfortable and the freedom! Strangely enough though, I’ve found myself in love with the pencil skirt in the past few years despite it being the opposite of freedom.

Continue reading “Black and White Pencil Skirt by Dezigna”

On body shaming

Have just read another young mum depressed about not having her pre-baby body. 

I’m saddened yet unsurprised by the amount of body shame many of my Facebook friends express about their own bodies. It’s generally all weight related – haven’t got my pre-baby shape, gotta workout to make up for last night, can’t wear a top because it doesn’t hide the flaws, etc. Continue reading “On body shaming”

Learning to say I’m fat and not hate myself

The story of the young man who risked everything to travel overseas for massive cosmetic surgery in the hope of making a new life for himself brings into the present the real dangers of the body-image cult that our culture is still part of. Continue reading “Learning to say I’m fat and not hate myself”

Not the #summer post I was going to write

In 2013 and now again in 2015, I’m running and doing the 52 Week Deadly Bloggers Challenge. I’ve changed the topics a bit from last year, but some of them have remained. I’ve just realised, in trying, and miserably failing, to do the 2nd topic – SUMMER, that I have unpublished posts on the same thing in two separate years. Continue reading “Not the #summer post I was going to write”

(not really) Winter

It’s 8pm, and I’m wearing thongs, though I do have a scarf on.

This is winter in Brisbane.

It’s the season where for a few days in an official three month season you get to wear boots, jackets, leather and scarves. I have jackets that are years old but barely worn. Same goes for my knee length boots. It’s their third season, but not at all worn out. My winter cardies are probably a decade old, but still hold their own.

I’m sure it’s hard to dispute the assertion that Brisbane winters are simply perfect, being neither too hot nor too cold.

We like to complain that winter is, well, wintery. But we can’t, it’s just not. Right now it’s 18 degrees. In June. The middle of winter.

Could we really live anywhere else?