A visit to the Australian Amour and Artillery Museum

Today I bought my second eldest young man – I can’t say boy anymore – a yearly pass to the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum for his twentieth birthday. Located just north of Cairns heading towards the northern beaches in Smithfield. It was fantastic. He absolutely loved it. I’m sure he nearly fainted when he saw the Churchill tank out the front. Continue reading “A visit to the Australian Amour and Artillery Museum”

La Boîte Theatre Company’s Medea is a must see

Tonight I went with a sistah to La Boite’s production of Medea.

I have to say I know little about the story and did very minor Wikipedia research while waiting for my ride this evening. Part of me wants to chase down the tale, while the rest of me wants to savour this interpretation by Suzie Miller. I do not know how close this version is to the original, but right now I don’t really care. Continue reading “La Boîte Theatre Company’s Medea is a must see”

An evening with Dr Cornell West in Brisbane

Last Thursday evening we had the pleasure of seeing visiting African-American scholar Dr Cornell West in conversation with Nazeem Hussain at the Brisbane Convention Centre. Dr West is touring the capital cities at whirlwind pace. Continue reading “An evening with Dr Cornell West in Brisbane”

Hawai’i – just getting there

I’m not sure how to write this post, as I’m not really a traveller, but I’m just going to start. It’s been a few days since I got home, and if I don’t do this now, I’ll have completely lost any travel blogging mojo I might have. Continue reading “Hawai’i – just getting there”

My Fancy Lady Industries birthday present

I think this probably my first real vlog (video blog) post for Not Quite Cooked (ie. a personal post). The other one was for Deadly Bloggers (and that was a few years ago now). No idea if this will become a regular thing or not … but here it is: Continue reading “My Fancy Lady Industries birthday present”

Nomad’s Palace at Eat Street Markets

Tonight Mum and I headed to Eat Street Markets in Hamilton. It was wonderful. I think the markets are only a few months old, and they’re nothing like you’ve seen in Brisbane before. They’re down at the wharves and they’re created with a shipping containers – it’s a container city! Continue reading “Nomad’s Palace at Eat Street Markets”

Pinch and a punch – December 1

What a busy week. I was in Sydney for my first Viscopy meeting, where I’ve been appointed as an independent director. It’s a daunting and exciting opportunity. I’ve been interested in copyright, IP and cultural IP for ages. I taught about it in the Indigenous Art and Protocols course I convened at QCA years ago, so I’ve spent a lot of time getting my head around the topic. Not that I’m an expert at ALL. I’ think my biggest interest lies in being able to balance ACCESS copyrighted material (making sure images etc are accessible to everyone), with RECOGNITION (making sure creators are acknowledged and paid for their work). I look forward to much brain twisting over the coming the twelve months. Continue reading “Pinch and a punch – December 1”