My first BCC

This week I finally went got be doctor about a spot. He immediately diagnosed it as a BCC – a basal cell carcinoma. Because it’s on my nose he’s referred me to a plastic surgeon who will do a biopsy and then surgery. It’s not large. I have cream, Advantan that will hopefully attack it making surgery unnecessary.  Continue reading “My first BCC”

Not the #summer post I was going to write

In 2013 and now again in 2015, I’m running and doing the 52 Week Deadly Bloggers Challenge. I’ve changed the topics a bit from last year, but some of them have remained. I’ve just realised, in trying, and miserably failing, to do the 2nd topic – SUMMER, that I have unpublished posts on the same thing in two separate years. Continue reading “Not the #summer post I was going to write”

Deadly Bloggers Challenge 2013

During the second last half of the year it occurred to me that I needed to be blogging more. My output for 2012 was decidedly lower than in the previous years. I look at folks like Anita Heiss – a prolific blogger – and I cringe at my efforts. Continue reading “Deadly Bloggers Challenge 2013”