Building a business blog

I can’t possibly blog. I’ve got nothing to write about. What would I say? 

When I mention blogging (which I do quite frequently) these are the comments I generally get. But if you are already posting text, links, images and video on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter, then you’re already doing it! You’re blogging on micro-blogging platforms. And many of you have been doing it for a long time.

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Reterritorialising Social Media: Indigenous People Rise Up – My work-in-progress notes

I’m presenting next week at the University of Woollongong next week at the Reterritorialising Social Media: Indigenous People Rise Up.

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Why I began blogging?

One of the participants last week at the Queensland Indigenous Youth Leadership Program, asked me why I began blogging.

I originally began in 2008/09 after I attended a workshop, facilitated by Edgeware, but run by Eddie Harran. In that probably only one and a half hour workshop, Eddie explained everything from blogs, MySpace (was dying but not quite dead), Facebook, Flickr, Blogger, WordPress, RSS, Twitter and more. He gave context to the different platforms. I began to understand what things meant, in what order they happened, and importantly, how I could use them for my work.

But really, the answer to the question is, I began blogging for business. I wanted to share ideas about Indigenous education that I felt were being missed. I mean, it’s easy to talk to a group of pre-service teachers, but once they’ve graduated? It’s much hard to capture them. The odd after-school professional development session doesn’t really help people who know so little.

I had built websites from templates before Eddie’s talk. The first I probably built in the very early 2000s. It looked terrible. I continue (mostly) to build my own. I care less for the look of a site, than I do for the site’s organisation of information and the quality and usefulness of its content.

Why do I blog now? I still blog for business, but on this space in particular, I blog for myself. I rarely tweet out what I’ve written, I don’t count or measure the statistics. And the odd person or two eventually finds their way here.

Here. I blog for me.

Update: I was cleaning up the categories on Deadly Bloggers, and found this post I wrote in 2012. It relates.