52 Week Challenge – Week 3 Caravan

Okay. This one was incredibly daunting. Having seen so many of the amazing illustrations that were coming from the group, all I can say is wow! I love how people come up with different interpretations of the theme, and they produce illustrations that are so surprising. Continue reading “52 Week Challenge – Week 3 Caravan”

52 Week Illustration Challenge

I do love a challenge. I’ve been doing a 365 Pic-A-Day challenge (with varying degrees of success) for the past three years. And I created the 52 Week Deadly Bloggers Challenge, which I didn’t complete, though it did spur me to be “postie” last year with 59 posts for 2013. When I was at uni, I had to do the 30 Days of Drawing Project which was FANTASTIC! It’s amazing how you can improve your skills in just 30 days. Continue reading “52 Week Illustration Challenge”