My first Tiddas concert

Last night was one of the best nights I’ve had. For the first time – YES! THE FIRST TIME – I saw the Tiddas perform. They performed as part of a special tour with Archie Roach releasing the album … They performed back-up for him for the majority of the concert and were fantastic, and then they did a solo set of Inside My Kitchen and Anthem. Continue reading “My first Tiddas concert”

An anti-climactic Christmas morning

So like most folk with kids, for the past 17 years Christmas morning has been a massive ball of anticipation, excitement and joy (and occasionally disappointment). Three little boys and a little girl meant there were cars, tractors, Legos, dinosaurs etc usually strewn across the lounge-room floor in between metres of discarded wrapping paper.  Continue reading “An anti-climactic Christmas morning”