I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, that is, document those deadly folks who are my #ff recommendations.

I first started this list back in September 2013 … a never ending list…

  1. @LukeLPearson – an energetic, passionate Koori educator who initiated and drove the rotation curation account @IndigenousX
  2. @IndigenousX – a rotation curation (shifts change each Thursday) of Indigenous Australian voices
  3. @AnitaHeiss – author and activist who tirelessly works for a range of grassroots community causes online and in real life
  4. @TheKooriWoman – her no holds barred political, cultural and social opinion. She games, she writes, swears, she’s deadly
  5. @NomadiqueMC – He’s sweary, he’s #metal and Green. One of the first people I followed on Twitter and one of the smartest brothas I know
  6. @Utopiana – not on the Twitterverse as much as the Facebookz, but if you need to keep up with her blogging, you must follow
  7. @SivParker – since joining the Twitterz she has owned it – storyteller, political observer, grassroots, activitist
  8. @Ren_1 – I can only describe in hashtags #realz #hiphop #critical #grassroots #truth
  9. @NareenYoung – a deadly sistah who never fails to stand up. Insightful, critical and essential
  10. @Liz_Loveslife – she doesn’t blog (much to my disappointment) but her mix of politics-edu-black tweets rocks
  11. @MsLou – black, feminist, lawyerly, unafraid
  12. @DrSRP – academic, intellectual, perceptive, fun. Asks questions, links meaningfully
  13. @DB_1974 Dameyon Bonson is a LGBQTI and Suicide Prevention Advocate. Makes you think and act

Don’t know what a #FF is? Don’t worry, it’s a little bit 2010, but here is a quick history: http://technorati.com/social-media/article/do-you-followfriday-on-twitter-what/

Wanna hangout?

I’m one of those people who rarely watches a TV series beyond the 3rd series. After a while the stories and characters seem to meld into one another; or the start shark jumping makes it absurd. I get a bit the same way with various social platforms. I’m a bit over Facebook right now. Note: it has nothing to do with my Facebook friends who are posting. It’s all me. I’m looking to try new things. Continue reading “Wanna hangout?”

Social overload?

We went to the movies on Saturday (we saw Bridesmaids & loved it btw). I picked up a $10 rewards card when I bought the tickets at the counter. Apparently I get a discount or a free ticket next time I visit the cinema (can’t remember which). For $10, I figured this was a reasonable buy and the young woman behind the counter was friendly & efficient & the purchase process was seamless (another $10 on my existing transaction).

Continue reading “Social overload?”