Choosing Indigenous Education Resources – a work-in-progress.

This week I popped in on a sistah’s lecture for pre-service teachers. The end result is a quick post for the Critical Classroom on Choosing Indigenous Education Resources for the Classroom.

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Goori Advent Calendar

Isn’t she deadly? Our Goori Advent Calendar is for sale on the Critical Classroom website. When you buy it you get a download that has two versions. One is a colourable one – it’s blank – for the kids to colour in a circle per day. The second is a high quality reproduction of the original painting. It can be printed onto a thickish paper (the one above is on 210 gsm), and then framed.  Continue reading Goori Advent Calendar

WIPC:E in Hawai’i … A look around

We didn’t do a lot of sightseeing, and I really didn’t take a lot of photos. Mostly I think because the landscape was so familiar, it just looks like Cairns – mountains, green, rain, water. I also spent more time just being there, rather than documenting the whole experience. I thought I’d take many more photos and video, but turns out I didn’t want to see the whole conference through lens. Continue reading WIPC:E in Hawai’i … A look around

Hawai’i – just getting there

I’m not sure how to write this post, as I’m not really a traveller, but I’m just going to start. It’s been a few days since I got home, and if I don’t do this now, I’ll have completely lost any travel blogging mojo I might have. Continue reading Hawai’i – just getting there