Choosing Indigenous Education Resources – a work-in-progress.

This week I popped in on a sistah’s lecture for pre-service teachers. The end result is a quick post for the Critical Classroom on Choosing Indigenous Education Resources for the Classroom.

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Resources for NAIDOC Week

A little bit of shameless self-promotion in today’s blog post. We made these for The Critical Classroom ( They’re for sale. The little bit we make from sales all helps to support the work we do. Would love if you shared it around. Continue reading “Resources for NAIDOC Week”

Goori Advent Calendar

Isn’t she deadly? Our Goori Advent Calendar is for sale on the Critical Classroom website. When you buy it you get a download that has two versions. One is a colourable one – it’s blank – for the kids to colour in a circle per day. The second is a high quality reproduction of the original painting. It can be printed onto a thickish paper (the one above is on 210 gsm), and then framed.  Continue reading “Goori Advent Calendar”

WIPC:E in Hawai’i … A look around

We didn’t do a lot of sightseeing, and I really didn’t take a lot of photos. Mostly I think because the landscape was so familiar, it just looks like Cairns – mountains, green, rain, water. I also spent more time just being there, rather than documenting the whole experience. I thought I’d take many more photos and video, but turns out I didn’t want to see the whole conference through lens. Continue reading “WIPC:E in Hawai’i … A look around”

Hawai’i – just getting there

I’m not sure how to write this post, as I’m not really a traveller, but I’m just going to start. It’s been a few days since I got home, and if I don’t do this now, I’ll have completely lost any travel blogging mojo I might have. Continue reading “Hawai’i – just getting there”

WIPCE 2014 … The adventure continues

So after a few delays in the flight (four delay departing Brisbane & one hour delay departing Nadi) I finally arrived at 2am this morning. After an hour or so getting through customs, I found my way to the hotel. How good is it to be horizontal after so many hours sitting? This morning (up and around at 8.30am) involves just trying to stay active and awake so I can have a good sleep tonight. Continue reading “WIPCE 2014 … The adventure continues”