Today I’m going to a funeral & I feel like blagh.

Have a friggin headache. Sux. Too much work to do with not enough time. Going to a funeral today. Totally sux.

Was mooching around my Google Reader. And I was looking at the feed from Sophie Munns blog. I found something about choices – and I saw an image of a tree with all these blank leaves. (I can’t find it now to link to it cause my head is too sore to look for it).

But despite me feeling blah, I’m alive. Despite me having bucketloads of work to do with no friggin time to do it, I have choices.

I’m privileged – I’m literate, I have a stable relationship, I have great kids, I’m healthy.

I’m going to head of in a sec to the funeral of Ramona Herd, who was in her thirties. She was beautiful and a talented creator, and mum to Jake. But she died because she was sad and her kidneys couldn’t keep going. And when I come home I’m going to be okay, and give up feeling like shit because I’m alive.

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