Find the small spaces

This is not a post about scheduling every second of the day. It’s not about filling your day from the moment you wake up til when you sleep.

This is a post about how sometimes, the perfect chunk of time never comes, but don’t let that stop you.

In my last time management post I talked about how in an ideal world I would have full days to get things done, but that never happens in reality. In that post I talked about how breaking big jobs into bite-sized chunks, putting each stage into an Action Plan can help you get to your goals.

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How do you eat an elephant?

At the start of the year in One Business, we looked at goal setting and time management. I created a Business Goals Action Plan Tool that involves dividing our year-long goals into quarters and months.

Starting the year off looking at business goals is reflective of my recent obsession with managing my time. With my increasing commitments, my time during the week is even more scarce and precious. And while I do have moments of OMFG! what on earth am I doing, I am just bloody doing it.

I’m not sure this is a universal truth, but I have been recently thinking:

If you don’t manage time, you will never have enough of it.

I see other people who do not manage time who have way fewer daily commitments than me really struggle to get what they want done. (And are stressed about it)

This is why I’ve begun to think about the importance of managing time.

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Should I budget my time?

Lulu, my Spending Planner Coach is very pleased with my progress. Three weeks on and we are gradually getting a better picture of my personal budget. With the SPI system there are graphs and charts (who doesn’t love a pie chart!?!), and I can see clearly where and when we will come unstuck. It’s somewhere around March 13, 2020. In our modeling, my ins and outs are outta sync, and in about 9 months it’ll all come crashing down. Continue reading Should I budget my time?