An afternoon of Grace & Style

I grew up with a very practical Mum – loving, caring, hardworking, realistic, no frills. I don’t really remember her as someone who would wear a lot of make-up or jewellery. She was a school cleaner for most of my childhood so she spent most of the time in ‘serviceable’ (her words) clothes. Continue reading “An afternoon of Grace & Style”

A trip to Adelaide and a walk along the River Torrens

I’ve just returned from a quick trip to Adelaide in South Australia. My first time to Adelaide and my first trip ever to SA. The taxi driver I spoke to was stunned that I’d never been to Adelaide before. “It must not be a good place” if I’d never been before? I tried to explain to him that Australia is very large and it’s common that people do not get to every state in their lifetimes.  Continue reading “A trip to Adelaide and a walk along the River Torrens”