Tackling the Douglas Track. My first walk in FNQ

“Would you like to come for a walk? It’s not very hard.”

“It’s not very hard”. When someone tells me it’s “not hard”, I’m learning that there are different definitions of “hard” and I maybe shouldn’t trust their judgement or assessment. And it’s not just friends, it’s also with Queensland National Parks and Wildlife. I will never again believe their definition of “easy”.
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A trip to Adelaide and a walk along the River Torrens

I’ve just returned from a quick trip to Adelaide in South Australia. My first time to Adelaide and my first trip ever to SA. The taxi driver I spoke to was stunned that I’d never been to Adelaide before. “It must not be a good place” if I’d never been before? I tried to explain to him that Australia is very large and it’s common that people do not get to every state in their lifetimes.  Continue reading “A trip to Adelaide and a walk along the River Torrens”

Freshwater swimming at Enoggera Reservoir

Yesterday was hot, and today was even hotter in Brisbane. While I, in recent years have rediscovered ocean swimming (my favourite spot is Woorim Beach at Bribie), the rest of my family are 100% spoilt by the freshwater creeks of Cairns and refuse both saltwater and chlorine. Continue reading “Freshwater swimming at Enoggera Reservoir”

The Blue Mountains

With one day off this weekend, LB and I headed to the Blue Mountains. I’ve never been to the Blue Mountains before. We left Dulwich Hill around 11am, down Parramatta Road and straight onto the M4. We took the Katoomba turn-off and just followed the signs to ‘The Blue Mountains’. We ended up at Echo Point and it was incredible. Everything I imagined it to be. We had lunch at the closest cafe – a little pub with a lovely sunny verandah outside. Continue reading “The Blue Mountains”