52 Hikes 52 Weeks

So this year – the year I turned 50 – I set myself a target to complete the 52 Hikes in 52 Weeks challenge.

I started well but dipped in the middle of the year because of work. I’m hoping I can double up a few hikes in the next few months to get me back on track. I know doubling-up defeats the purpose – taking time out each week to get out into nature – but I am keen to get to the end of the year exploring South East Queensland.

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Should I budget my time?

Lulu, my Spending Planner Coach is very pleased with my progress. Three weeks on and we are gradually getting a better picture of my personal budget. With the SPI system there are graphs and charts (who doesn’t love a pie chart!?!), and I can see clearly where and when we will come unstuck. It’s somewhere around March 13, 2020. In our modeling, my ins and outs are outta sync, and in about 9 months it’ll all come crashing down. Continue reading “Should I budget my time?”

Sending a side-eye to Brisbane City Council.

In terms of ‘wokeness’, also known in conventional circles as respecting cultural diversity, flying a flag is pretty much level 1 on the Richter Scale. Some institutions fly their flags, say the acknowledgments and wear the pins and are still hopeless. But hey, at least they’re giving it a crack.

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