Tomorrow is plasma day!

So, these three have been with me ever since early Saturday morning.

Tomorrow I’m booked in (again) to give plasma at the mobile Red Cross van. The last time I went to donate, my veins decided to play hide and seek, probably because I hadn’t drunk enough water.

So this weekend I’ve been really diligent. While I didn’t measure exactly how much I drank, I just made sure the bottles were being refilled and emptied by me the whole weekend. I’m hoping it’s enough.

Unfortunately I had super busy week and often, in addition to sleep, the first thing ‘to go’ is my water consumption. I’m so bad at drinking water sometimes particularly when it’s a bit cooler.

I’m not completely convinced that my weekend water binge will be sufficient to make up for a shocking week, but I’ll keep you posted.

If you are eligible, highly recommend considering donating blood – want to find out more? Click here to go straight to the Donate Blood website.

Sending a side-eye to Brisbane City Council.

In terms of ‘wokeness’, also known in conventional circles as respecting cultural diversity, flying a flag is pretty much level 1 on the Richter Scale. Some institutions fly their flags, say the acknowledgments and wear the pins and are still hopeless. But hey, at least they’re giving it a crack.

Continue reading “Sending a side-eye to Brisbane City Council.”

Logging off … an update

Last week I wrote about logging off Facebook more as a way to manage time. Over Christmas and New Year because there was a little downtime I was checking into Facebook and the rest more than usual. But then once I got back to work, I was STILL logging in. I could feel myself getting out of control. Continue reading “Logging off … an update”

Fat Girl Swimming …

First swim of the year down at Cudgeon Creek this afternoon. And despite a little sunburn (what was I thinking not putting on sunscreen!?!?!?), I continue to be amazed at just how I’ve learned to give-n0-fcks about going into the water. Continue reading “Fat Girl Swimming …”

Woodford 2018: 12 hours, 2 presentations, lots of yarning

This week Vernon and I headed to Woodford Folk Festival to participate in the Speakers and Ideas stream curated by Michael and Ludmila Doneman of Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship. Continue reading “Woodford 2018: 12 hours, 2 presentations, lots of yarning”