Workshops in the rainforest with Edgeware

Today I ran a digital marketing for artists workshop with Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship‘s Cultivate the Arts program. Each of the participants was an emerging, established or aspiring artist and it was interesting to shape my usual marketing and digital media workshop to that specific industry. Continue reading “Workshops in the rainforest with Edgeware”

What’s going on in this Facebook ad? CCIQ marketing is mixing it up.

So my random Friday night Facebook-ing is well underway. Home Ice-cream “jelly tip” ice-cream in hand (yep, I’m having a dry March & April so it’s ice-cream instead of red wine), kids are watching the Hobbit Part 100 and something or other, and scrolling down the stream, and I spy this advertisement on the right-hand side of my screen: Continue reading “What’s going on in this Facebook ad? CCIQ marketing is mixing it up.”

Amex’s Shop Small Campaign is all Jab

Last night while watching catch up (yes. I’m guilty of not hating on Ten’s Party Tricks. I quite enjoy it), this add appeared throughout the program. It’s a good little ad – good sentiment, well made, and released at the right time (in the lead up to Christmas) Continue reading “Amex’s Shop Small Campaign is all Jab”