A boring drive or bringing family together?

I’m a regular.

I drive to and from Brisbane airport an average of twice a week, though I travel rarely. Husband-the-artist, is the regular traveller, travelling domestically and internationally.

I have now grown to loathe the drive to & from the airport. I hate the roundabout at Nudgee Rd that is always backed-up. I hate the construction that seems to be endless. I hate how the traffic dudes move cars on from the last bend on the way to the pick-up zone. I hate how I always seem to forget that I’ve left a pair of scissors in my bag on the day I decide to go into the terminal. I hate that its $16.00 a pop pretty much everytime I park. I hate that Brisbane has grown too big and they’ve moved the short-term parking (sorry parkSHORT as it is now known) to a thousand miles away from the terminal.

By the time the first month of spring is over, I will have driven to & from the airport approximately 18 times.

But today the drives to the airport (yes, I drove there twice today) were great. I picked up two of my sisters and their babies. They’ve arrived for a short school holiday.

Yeah. I still hate the drive to the airport, but today it was a bit like that first scene from the movie Love Actually, though without Hugh Grant’s voice-over).

I’m looking forward to a great, though chaotic, time catching up with the sisters and will enjoy watching the cousins be together again. It doesn’t happen nearly enough.

Welcome home girls.

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