Back to school

Over the past twelve months I’ve been really feeling like I am lacking skills in a range of tools including InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. It’s just such a pain being online, creating and sharing content, but having no idea how to use a range of the most basic tools.

 I’ve got away with it until now. But it was time to do something. So I’ve enrolled in the Certificate 3 in Graphic Design at TAFE. Full-time it’s a six month course, but I’m doing it part-time so I will have it done at the end of the year.
I have no visions of becoming a designer. I REALLY REALLY do not ever think I could be a designer. But it will give me a basic understanding and skill to use Creative Suite and get me much more productive.
It’s funny though, being a student again. Trying not to be “that annoying mature age student” that pissed us off so much when I was an undergrade twenty years ago. Trying not to evaluate my teachers pedagogical methods. Quietly smiling at the school leavers in my class who still call the teachers Miss and Sir.
All fun. I’m learning heaps. And can’t wait to start applying my new skills in my business.

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