Diary of a micro-business owner: crisis of confidence

Finished work at 9 tonight, and broke my own self-imposed moratorium on take-away food and headed to Asia Canteen at Arana Hills.

Some days, the only thing that works is wonton soup.

I’m feeling pinched at the moment. A combination of looming deadlines and no real regular weekend breaks sometimes get too much. Underneath that normal business stuff

are volunteer gigs that have me struggling to find my footing.

I feel pressured to do more, worrying that I’m not doing enough. Though today I wonder if it’s a case of – is what I’m doing good enough? Am I good enough? I don’t think I was made for this stuff, or at least I didn’t ask for this gig.

I want to exit, but am determined to leave it in a better shape than I found it. Hopefully that will be soon.

There were a few tears this afternoon. Not a lot. Tears help when I’m tired.

Tomorrow is another day …


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