leesawatego-full (1)

Instagrams’ best nine of 2019 collage. Includes pics of: 1) Leesa running wearing deadly runners shirt,
2) Leesa in Dark+disturbing stall, 3) Vernon and Leesa together hugging and looking lovely, 4) Emma, Leesa and Vernon together, 5) a screenshot of the Australian newspaper’s use of my photo, 6) Leesa and Darryl Finn a framer, getting my possum skin cloak framed, 7) a 4-photo collage of me being silly at a profile picture photo-shoot, 8) Leesa feeling deadly – out the front of the Surfers Paradise sign with her hands in the air and smiling, 9) and finally a picture of police on George Street, Brisbane at the Invasion Day Mark.

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