Woodford 2018: 12 hours, 2 presentations, lots of yarning

This week Vernon and I headed to Woodford Folk Festival to participate in the Speakers and Ideas stream curated by Michael and Ludmila Doneman of Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship. Continue reading “Woodford 2018: 12 hours, 2 presentations, lots of yarning”

8 Secrets to Success – learning to push

I am back in the trainee seat for the next few months as I do Edgeware‘s latest program at the Old Ambo Station in Nambour. I’m loving it of course – Michael and Ludmila are wonderful facilitators and are an absolute joy to be around. Continue reading “8 Secrets to Success – learning to push”

Shaping a new normal … up early on a Saturday morning

When my mum was the age I am now, she started going to the gym. She really enjoyed it. Despite already having a physical job – she was a school cleaner – she loved doing weights and cardio. I was in my early twenties and a few times I’d go along with her, but I wasn’t into it – probably too busy with my new boyfriend – and looking back didn’t really support her journey. Continue reading “Shaping a new normal … up early on a Saturday morning”

My first Tiddas concert

Last night was one of the best nights I’ve had. For the first time – YES! THE FIRST TIME – I saw the Tiddas perform. They performed as part of a special tour with Archie Roach releasing the album … They performed back-up for him for the majority of the concert and were fantastic, and then they did a solo set of Inside My Kitchen and Anthem. Continue reading “My first Tiddas concert”

An afternoon of Grace & Style

I grew up with a very practical Mum – loving, caring, hardworking, realistic, no frills. I don’t really remember her as someone who would wear a lot of make-up or jewellery. She was a school cleaner for most of my childhood so she spent most of the time in ‘serviceable’ (her words) clothes. Continue reading “An afternoon of Grace & Style”