nostalgia & melancholy

i listen to the radio a lot. when I’m in the car. at home. i tend to listen to stations like 4BH 882, 4KQ. sometimes when i hear songs, I’m transported back to other times and other places. i can’t describe the feeling i get – it’s weird – it’s in my head and in my gut. it’s a nostalgia i think. it’s often such an early memory i can’t even remember an event or people associated with it. but i know it’s from the past, a time that no longer exists. i occasionally get it when i look hard at old photos as well.

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Grateful for the journey

When you look back your life and you think ‘how on earth did I get here?’

A few people I’ve been reading this paste month have referred to different ‘chapters’ in one’s life. It’s sometimes easier, especially when you’re asking yourself, how did I get here, to imagine that there are different chapters. I like that analogy.

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