Tackling the Douglas Track. My first walk in FNQ

“Would you like to come for a walk? It’s not very hard.”

“It’s not very hard”. When someone tells me it’s “not hard”, I’m learning that there are different definitions of “hard” and I maybe shouldn’t trust their judgement or assessment. And it’s not just friends, it’s also with Queensland National Parks and Wildlife. I will never again believe their definition of “easy”.
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Rest isn’t a waste / weekend 1 / 52

I feel I’m becoming obsessed with time. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying my life, and am very content. Perhaps I’m in the middle of a mid-life crisis where I feel like I don’t want to waste a moment. (Is this why I’m becoming movement obsessed?) Or in the very least, if I am to “waste time”, I am conscious and intentional about it. Continue reading “Rest isn’t a waste / weekend 1 / 52”

Farewell 2017, hello 2018

I felt like 2017 was a significant year for me. It was my first full year in the office (with the business outside of home). I started FatAdventurers! and worked on Black Coffee with Thomas from Townsville. I joined Brisbane Deadly Runners and competed in my very first FunRun – something that I’d flagged well before I ever knew Deadly Runners existed. Continue reading “Farewell 2017, hello 2018”

What’s so wrong about ‘plus size’?

I wasn’t planning on posting anything tonight, but this link popped up in my stream earlier this evening, and I just feel the need to comment. KMart US has apparently decided to drop the term “plus size” and instead replace it with “Fabulously Sized”. Continue reading “What’s so wrong about ‘plus size’?”

It’s late.

It’s Sunday night. 10.57pm. I’m sitting on the steps of my office waiting for my husband to come and get me. I’ve been training all weekend. Last night I didn’t get home until after midnight as I had to edit videos. I have to be in the city at 8.30am, then I have to go straight to the airport to deliver more training. Continue reading “It’s late.”