Friendships and High Tea

Since I turned forty, I have gradually learned the joy of non-familial female friendship. Working from a home-based business can get isolating. And as much as I enjoy and get satisfaction from my relationship with partner (my life as well as work partner), a person needs a bit of outside stimulation. And in my world, something more corporeal rather than online, is needed.

Yesterday I had high tea with the “ladeeez”. What’s interesting to note is that I’ve only just recently formed these friendships. Two of the “ladeeez” I met via online relationships (thank you Facebook) and the other I had known in expanded social circles for over two decades but only recently become close. I have come to realise it takes work to form and maintain friendships. I have always been too lazy, and honestly quite insecure to maintain friendships. When I was in my late teens and twenties it was easy, my friends were my sisters. Not a lot of work was required.

I’ve really come value the importance of real-life friendships. I hope I get better at this gig. It is really worth it.

My only disappointment was that our High Tea was only a few hours. We need an entire day, three or four times a year.
Cheers, Leesa

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  1. Awww. Real Life connects are great fun, and cyber great for the lengthy spaces in between. I hope to still be reading you, Deadly Blogger, when I'm 64 😉

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