The sole post for April

Oh crap. This is one of those ‘it’s been so long since I blogged’ posts. Dammit. The whole of idea of the Deadly Blogger’s Challenge was so I wouldn’t find myself in this predicament again this year.

Ne’er mind, time to get back on the blogging track, and just post regardless of what, where, or how.

Well for a quick update then.

March and April have been super busy. We finished off the SEQICC website, I’ve been busy working on the migration of The Critical Classroom and Deadly Bloggers from Blogger to WordPress. It’s taking much longer than I realised it would. I had hoped to have new product ready for ANZAC Day but we didn’t make it. I am lucky though, because we have done a bunch of work that will be ready for next year.

One of my other achievements this month was migrating Iscariot Media from Blogger to WordPress. I did it in the early hours of Thursday morning and managed 95% of the job myself. The other 5% was by my fabulous tech guy who reconnected my email after I accidentally deleted it when I changed the DNS over. Thank goodness for techies.

I’m also studying. I think I’ve posted about that before. I spend each Monday and Tuesday at TAFE learning InDesign, Typography. Next semester I’m doing Illustrator, Photoshop and WebDesign. It’s a fantastic course and I’m gradually getting more and more confident using the Creative Suite tools.

Last weekend I did┬ámanage a nice overnight stay at the Gold Coast courtesy of Lisa B. While it was meant to be a “night-off”, we did manage to get a bunch of work done – taking lots of images (that you will see in future Critical Classroom posts and/or products).

Lisa B and I at Fingal

I also spend a Sunday afternoon with G at the State Library of Queensland. We spent our time looking for Aboriginal texts about Brisbane. We found some great stuff. I may also have spend a bit too much money in the bookshop. It such a trap! We also drove around South Brisbane, the Valley and the city taking pics for his assignment. And he took some awesome shots. This one below is his and I’ve stolen it and it’s now on the homepage of the Iscariot Media website.

I’m not really a holiday person, but the short break from last weekend was really refreshing. I should try to schedule these bursts of relaxation more into my yearly schedule. Looking forward to getting back to blogging so I don’t mess up my posting goals for 2013. Alright. Back to it.

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  1. I was wondering where on earth you were? But that explanation sounds more than good. We're chugging along nicely here; we've continued to get Uncle Joe in at the Chalkface and the 8s are doing the National Curriculum's ABTSI History and Culture Unit. The task's pretty much choose three texts that support your theme and reason why. Themes drawn from support material from Hidden Histories and Crossing Cultures and a jam packed Library book trolley. Have you seen Uncle Joe Kirk's short film(on YouTube) about the Brisbane River and a sense of place? Remember to take more holidays. Got to love hanging out with girlfriends, too. ­čÖé

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